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Breville HydroPro™

Model Number: CSV700PSS1BUC1
Manufacturer: Breville
Power: 1485 Watts
Unit Weight: 4.2lb / 2kg
Unit Dimensions: 3.7in x 6.7in x 14.6in / 9.4cm x 17.0cm x 37.0cm
Shipping Weight: 27.6lb / 12.5kg
Shipping Dimensions: 9.6in x 26.6in x 17.4in / 24.3cm x 67.5cm x 44.2cm

Introducing the HydroProTM, a cutting-edge sous vide immersion circulator with Sous Vide ToolboxTM for guided cooking. Easily program and repeat your cooks using ‘My Presets’ and a user-friendly touchscreen. It offers precise temperature control for various cooking volumes with its powerful heater and pumping system. Designed for food safety and easy maintenance, it has a waterproof construction, quick-release clamp, and dishwasher-safe removable parts.

Key Features and Benefits

Sous Vide Toolbox™

Get a user-friendly, step-by-step cooking process. Simplify sous vide cooking & pasteurization times and temperatures for a wide array of foods.

Color TFT Touch Display

A large 4.3” touch screen for easy manual input and adjustments of cooking parameters.

Magnetic impeller with adjustable 360° flow direction

Get the first-of-its-kind impeller with flow speed adjustable with three speeds for low circulation, or aggressive pumping in large baths.

Additional Information

  • Adjustable & Detachable Clamp
  • Magnetic Impeller
  • 360° Adjustable Flow Direction Foot
  • Carry Case with Handle
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