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Breville Smoking Gun® Pro

Model Number: BSM600SILUSC
Manufacturer: Breville
Power: 4 AA Batteries
Unit Weight: 1 lb / .45 kg
Unit Dimensions: 6.75 x 3.25 x 5.75 in / 171.5 x 82.6 x 146.1 mm
Shipping Weight: 2.5 lb / 1.13 kg
Shipping Dimensions: 10 x 11.5 x 3.5 in / 254 x 292.1 x 89 mm

The Smoking Gun® Pro offers versatile cold smoking for food and liquids. It’s a handheld device for infusing or finishing with various smoky flavors. You can use wood chips, teas, herbs, spices, and more. Designed for daily commercial use, it’s easy to clean and has a variable speed fan for efficient or slow smoke production. Enhance your culinary presentation with the Smoke BubbleTM Kit and Glass Cloche accessory.

Key Features and Benefits

Cold smoke system Infuse your food with classic smokehouse flavors. Cold smoke is gentle on foods, so you can smoke delicate foods like ice cream, butters or cocktails as well as meats and cheese. Dual speed control Dual Speed control switch for gentle or intense smoke. Removable burn chamber Large opening for easy loading of wood chips and easy cleaning. Silicon smoke tube Take precise aim with the Smoking Gun’s silicone hose, which is easy to connect, clean and store.

Additional Information

  • Four AA batteries
  • Four smoking screens
  • Two 1/2 ounce Apple & Hickory wood samples Hex key
  • Set screw
  • Instruction booklet
  • Removable burn chamber
  • Removable smoking barrel
  • Tool-less disassembly
  • Large air inlet
  • Integrated stand design
  • Commercial build quality